On Thursday, March 28, 2024, Brock University in Niagara Falls, Ontario, was the first to announce their PAL requests to the Ontario government. Brock University in Ontario province is a public university attracting international students to its wide range of academic degrees to study at various levels. 

Brock mentioned that their students can now request PAL for study permit applications. The university expects satisfactory quotas for teaching undergraduate students. They’ve also noted that it will be very soon available in their portal for eligible students to apply for provincial attestation letters. 

To improve the integrity of Canada’s foreign student system, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stated on January 22, 2024, that a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) would be required for the majority of new study permit applications. The government of Ontario now has a PAL mechanism in place.

You do not need a PAL if you are applying to study for a Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Brock also has a convenient tool to check your PAL eligibility. If you are an international student trying to determine if you need a Provincial Attestation Letter, you may consider using the question-based tool to check if you need a PAL. 

How to get a PAL from Brock University?

We recommend accepting your offer as soon as possible to secure your seat at Brock. A non-refundable tuition deposit may also be required, so please refer to your offer letter.

To assess your eligibility for a PAL, complete the PAL request form available on Brock University student portal after accepting your offer and, if applicable, paying your non-refundable tuition deposit. Before issuing a letter, the Government of Ontario must provide final permission. Please keep an eye on your student portal, as applicants who qualify for a PAL will have the authorized letter uploaded after it has been accepted.

Why study at Brock University? 

International students flock to Brock University for its welcoming, multicultural environment with over 100 countries represented. Brock offers a high-quality, affordable education alongside dedicated support services to help you succeed academically and socially. The stunning Niagara region location provides a safe, vibrant place to live near Niagara Falls, with ample opportunities for exploration and outdoor activities. Finally, a Brock degree can give you a leg up if you dream of immigrating to Canada after graduation. Apply early to reserve your seat at Brock University.

Ontario Provincial Attestation Letter updates

In other news, it has been established that Ontario has taken over 235,000 PAL allocations to this largest province, with the highest number of Provincial Attestation Letter allocations among other provinces. 

96% of 235,000 Ontario PALs have been distributed among Ontario public colleges and universities, and only about 4% are left for the private sector DLIs. Private higher educational institutes are very saddened by the PAL issuance numbers, and many industry professionals have shown their dissatisfaction with that allocation. 

Ontario will prioritize applications in high-demand fields like skilled trades, health human resources, STEM, hospitality, and child care, and the ratio of international permits per institution will be at most 55% of first-year domestic enrollments in 2023.

Here’s the latest information on Ontario Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) updates as of today, March 30, 2024:

  • Still in Development: Though the federal deadline for provinces to implement a PAL system was March 31, 2024, Ontario has yet to launch its application process officially.
  • Expected Process: Ontario institutions (DLIs) will likely be responsible for requesting PALs for admitted international students.
  • Contact Your Institution: For the most up-to-date information and procedures regarding PALs, directly contact the admissions office of your chosen Ontario postsecondary institution.

Let us know if you have any questions about Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) by commenting below.