Provincial attestation letter for ontario

Ontario PAL

International students interested to study undergraduate level program in Ontario, Canada requires PAL along with their student visa application. Ontario government started issuing PAL to the DLI-listed colleges & universities in Ontario.

Provincial attestation letter proves a students has been accepted to DLI within the provincial governments quota for Canada study permit. 

Learn how to process and apply a PAL for Ontario based college and universities.

Ontario Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL)

International students planning to study in Ontario-based colleges and universities may require a Provincial Attestation Letter. Students planning to study Bachelor’s degree, diplomas and Post Graduate Certificates require provincial attestations for study permits applying from outside Canada.


Apply early to get Ontario PAL

Students shouldn’t wait until the last minute. Since the provincial Ontario government has capped issuing PALs, all students should apply immediately for admissions and prepare documents for study permits despite not having a PAL. Preparing those documents will assist in getting the PAL faster for a study permit.

Avoid delays

Ontario PAL

How to Apply Ontario PAL?

Ontario’s allocation for international student study permit applications in 2024 is 235,000. Public Colleges and universities acquire 96% of the PAL allocations in Ontario, and the remaining 4% is allocated to Ontario’s language schools, private universities, and other institutions. Career colleges are not receiving any allocations under the current plan.

The federal government has given a deadline by 30th March 2024 to have a structure ready for requesting PAL. Provincial attestation letter has became a mandatory requirements after IRCC implemented this as one of the mandatory pre-requisites for Canada student visa for certain type of applicant. Stay in touch and we will update as soon as we have something more in details about Ontario PAL.


3 Simple way to get Ontario PAL

01. Get Accepted

The first stage is to get admission letter from your Ontario college or universities. You must refer to your admission letter for any conditions and follow the admission/LOA letter conditions to confirm your admission seats.

To get admission decision you must fulfil the individual college/university admission requirements set by the authorities.

Your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is the most important decision letter you need before requesting PAL letter from your Designated Learning Institutes.

02. Pay tuition deposit

After receiving your Letter of Acceptance, you must pay the required deposit immediately to request an Ontario Provincial Attestation Letter for your study permit. Most universities need a deposit (refer to your admission letter) to confirm your placement and request PAL. An admission/offer letter doesn’t guarantee eligibility for PAL. To receive PAL, all international applicants must complete the conditions mentioned on their offer or decision letter. And PAL is limited. So, first come, first serve basis allocation will be provided to the overseas students. 

03. Receive PAL from University

Once you’ve paid the tuition deposit, follow the instructions for the PAL application/forms that need to be completed to receive your PAL.

This is a very early stage of issuing PAL, and we have yet to experience the average standard time to issue PAL from Ontario or any other province. But it should be around 1-2 weeks after your complete PAL requests. This should be the standard timeframe to receive your PAL from your chosen institute.